Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Viability/24 weeks

Here at 1am. I'm having some trouble sleeping tonight. Little Man is transverse (sideways) and making me pretty uncomfortable, so I'm watching Dave Ramsey on the good ole DVR and reading about cloth diapering.

I realized that today (October 1st), Jackson is viable! At 24 weeks gestation, if you go into labor and it can't be stopped, they will perform lifesaving measures for your baby. If Jackson were born today, he'd have about a 40% chance of survival. I can't BELIEVE that I'm that pregnant! He weighs about a pound and he's starting to tear up my insides...I can definately tell he is running out of room in my teeny baby bump! I'm sure that my belly is going to start growing rapidly now.

Keelin LOVES feeling him kick. I told her that he was giving her high fives (I think it sounds more pleasant than telling her that her brother is kicking her...haha) and she squeals that she loves him every time he gives her a high five. It's BEYOND adorable.

I'm so sleepy, but I'm too uncomfortable to lay down. If I had any energy, I'd work on my handmade holiday cards. If I keep putting it off, I'll have to get some from a store and they won't be NEAR as good as mine. That would suck.

Okay, I'm done rambling, but I thought it was pretty cool that I'm officially 24 weeks pregnant today and Jackson is viable! Neat!