Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello, 2011!

I really am a tragic blogger-wannabe, aren't I? You do not qualify as a blogger if you get onto your blog once every 6 months or so.

Here are a few updates before I get started trying to resurrect my blog!

Tim gets out of the Army in a few weeks.

He has worked so hard preparing for this transition. I'm so proud of him. I can't even be concerned about all of the changes, because he has been so diligent in his preparations. That, my friends, is how a real man behaves. I am so blessed.

The kids and I have already moved back to Greensboro, NC to work on house stuff and get the kids settled.

Updates to the house thusfar:
1. new laminate wood flooring to replace carpet
2. beadboard chair rail in hall and jacksons room
3. paint in hall, jacksons room, kitchen, and keelin's room
4. 24' x 15' dog lot that Tim built for the dogs, since our backyard is too large to fence

more to come :)

We got another dog, "Jessie Lou" also known as "Groceries", since she would be a porker if she were allowed. Max is still a cutie, but a well behaved one now, thanks to intensive training.

I am taking this semester off from school. During early registration, I was told that Freshmen get first pick for classes and that because of that, I was waitlisted for SIX of my 7 classes... and that my one class would be M,W, & F from 12-1. School is a half hour each way. That would mean that I would spent 3 hours a week driving for 3 hours of class... somehow arranging childcare. Big waste of time, hence the semester at home with the kids catching up on the stack of pleasure reading I've been neglecting. <3

The goal is to go back this summer and take a class or two. I'm taking the fall semester off, as well. Keelin is starting K-5 and Jackson will be starting a 2 morning a week preschool, so my fall is devoted to them and their transitions. School has never and will never be more important than my family.

Christmas was nice. We gave the kids no toys with lights or batteries. It was delightful!

Jackson turned two year old last week. His train and taco themed birthday party was fun. Lots of kids, his favorite food, a blue train cake... pure kid happy.

Well, I think that pretty much sums up the last 6 months! We're not very exciting :-p