Thursday, June 3, 2010

Diaper Shops! is having a huge BumGenius giveaway! Go check them out on Facebook :)

My favorite thing about Diaper Shops is the easy access it gives to so many cloth diapering resources. A beginning CD mommy and an experienced cloth diapering mommy can benefit from this wealth of information and vendors! <3


First blog of 2010... in June?

I keep telling myself that I need to really start blogging, but I always get distracted. With the part time job, two kids, a dog, a husband, and a full time school schedule- how in the world could THAT possible happen? ;)

Tim is going back to Columbia this month. Last time.

Keelin turns 4 in 3 weeks. Crazy!

Jackson is 16 months old.

Max, our newest addition, is wild as a buck. 3 month old boxer puppies are wild. Seriously.
But he's cute. Gotta give him that.

In others new:
Less than a year until Tim is out of the Army. Imagine that.
Looking at buying a home- have a couple that are serious prospects.
Both would need a bit of renovating!

Anyone see a possible blog about a Big, Green Renovation?! I do!