Monday, February 27, 2012

What have I been doing?

I have people asking why I haven't been blogging.
Because I've been doing this...

while planning Triad Tot Toter stuff!

while getting a five dolla footlong!

while at the last Triad Tot Toter meetup!

while groceryshopping at Earth Fare!
(photobomb by Kate- hehe)

while feeding the chickens!

I would get nothing done if it weren't for babywearing... especially since Finn's allergies are acting up AND he's teething. Rough stuff, my friends, but I am able to stay productive by keeping Finn close.

Jackson has made great strides in potty learning and Keelin has her first loose tooth.
My world is changing :-/

Monday, February 20, 2012

A new kind of cloth diaper.

Frosty Tush?
Snowy Buns?
Chilly Booty?

We got some snow!! Finally!

I didn't believe it would snow, so I left my not yet dry load of diapers on the line!

Anyone else experiencing their first little bit of winter weather?

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Tonight is the night! Time to stop turning our eggs and bump up the humidity!

You do this a few days before they are due to hatch!

Could we have babies soon??
I sure hope so!

At least half of the eggs we put in were not fertile, so I'm hoping for a good hatch rate from the eggs we have left!

Some of the eggs we put in the incubator were from others, but this is a photo of some of ours! Can't wait to see our chicks- my hope is that they are all as differently colored and beautiful as the eggs they will hatch from!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A week in photos

And when I say a week in photos, I mean last week ;)

We did an evaluation of what needed to be done to the barn before we could get our goats. Keelin just chilled out on a bale of hay and drew :)

My mom shopped for me this Christmas from my Etsy "favorites" list!
Mason jar lids with straws make for easy carrying of my favorite decaf teas mixed with lemonade!

Finn was laughing at his mommy's silliness.
He turned 5 months old!

A little brag about Keelin's report card!

Tim turned Finn into Super Baby :-)


Tim and I were talking the other day about my educational goals. I would like to go ahead and polish off the last little bit of school I need to finish my Bachelor's degree, but I am thinking about going in a different direction than I had previously planned.

No biggie, it won't throw off my completion by more than a couple of classes that I will have to add in. But I heard words come out of my mouth that really distress me now.

I said, "I don't know when I will finish my degree, but I would like it to be before my 10 year class reunion, because I would much rather say, 'I am a _______, but I run a small farm and homeschool our three children!' than 'I am a housewife.'"

Amazing that I am so passionate about my family, but I still found myself in a mental place where I felt the pressure of what other's deemed as success. I felt the pressure to such a degree that it actually, for a moment, made me feel like I was not successful in my own right. For just a second, I said words that I didn't mean, because I felt a little insecure.

SO, in light of that, I thought I would share some of the things that have gone on this week that some might seem mundane and/or uncool, but were successes!

I am still making new friends! Putting myself out there is hard, but I'm trying to meet new people! I went to quite a few social events this week- it was fun!

I put 25 eggs in my new incubator! So exciting! Im also working on repairing an incubator that my dad gave me!

I have really purged the excess stuff from our living space and feel like we have a lot more room now!

I sewed a bunch of flannel wipes to be used for baby wipes, tissues, an family cloth- all different prints so we know what is which ;).

What success did you achieve this week? Share your awesomeness!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Being a milk donor--

I met the family that I will be pumping for! :)

I took her a couple of bottles of frozen milk that first day and have met up many more times since! I have taken her around 200 ounces, so far!

If you have extra milk or even just a good supply and would be willing to pump a few minutes a day, please consider being a breast milk donor!

The first bottles!

I pumped while steeping tea and baking kale chips for Jackson's 3rd Birthday party! Takes very little effort to make a big difference in a baby's life!

Finn hanging out in my lap waiting for me to put my pump together- we were waiting on some friends for lunch and I had a moment to pump :)

Human Milk for Human Babies


Eats on Feet

Both of those nonprofit organizations are great ways to link up with moms in need of milk or to express a need for donor milk!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012