Sunday, February 5, 2012

Being a milk donor--

I met the family that I will be pumping for! :)

I took her a couple of bottles of frozen milk that first day and have met up many more times since! I have taken her around 200 ounces, so far!

If you have extra milk or even just a good supply and would be willing to pump a few minutes a day, please consider being a breast milk donor!

The first bottles!

I pumped while steeping tea and baking kale chips for Jackson's 3rd Birthday party! Takes very little effort to make a big difference in a baby's life!

Finn hanging out in my lap waiting for me to put my pump together- we were waiting on some friends for lunch and I had a moment to pump :)

Human Milk for Human Babies


Eats on Feet

Both of those nonprofit organizations are great ways to link up with moms in need of milk or to express a need for donor milk!


Mama Chiu said...


Mama Chiu said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is amazing! Good for you :)

Steve & Dea said...

I donated about 180oz with my forst son... I'm pregnant again and plan to pump once a day just for the purpose of donating. Its a precious priceless gift to families in need. I help manage a HM4HB page on facebook and feel like I'm making history by encouraging this age old practice and helping to normalize it. :)