Monday, February 6, 2012


Tim and I were talking the other day about my educational goals. I would like to go ahead and polish off the last little bit of school I need to finish my Bachelor's degree, but I am thinking about going in a different direction than I had previously planned.

No biggie, it won't throw off my completion by more than a couple of classes that I will have to add in. But I heard words come out of my mouth that really distress me now.

I said, "I don't know when I will finish my degree, but I would like it to be before my 10 year class reunion, because I would much rather say, 'I am a _______, but I run a small farm and homeschool our three children!' than 'I am a housewife.'"

Amazing that I am so passionate about my family, but I still found myself in a mental place where I felt the pressure of what other's deemed as success. I felt the pressure to such a degree that it actually, for a moment, made me feel like I was not successful in my own right. For just a second, I said words that I didn't mean, because I felt a little insecure.

SO, in light of that, I thought I would share some of the things that have gone on this week that some might seem mundane and/or uncool, but were successes!

I am still making new friends! Putting myself out there is hard, but I'm trying to meet new people! I went to quite a few social events this week- it was fun!

I put 25 eggs in my new incubator! So exciting! Im also working on repairing an incubator that my dad gave me!

I have really purged the excess stuff from our living space and feel like we have a lot more room now!

I sewed a bunch of flannel wipes to be used for baby wipes, tissues, an family cloth- all different prints so we know what is which ;).

What success did you achieve this week? Share your awesomeness!


Mama Chiu said...

Gurl, your life is freaking awesome!!! ^_^

PaceFamilyGirl said...

Your doing so much more than just housewife. But I understand the feeling. What different path are you thinking of doing w school?