Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring!

It is here!
Know what this means?

I'm about to get busy!!!

I made a to-do list...

I need to purge my kitchen cabinets.
I need to purge the kids toys.
I need to clean my car really well!
Time to sun diapers.
Need to map out garden plans.

Highs in the 70's all week!


Samantha said...

and then come help me!

I have similar plans. I can't wait to simplify, simplify, simplify! :D

Kristina said...

I have not explored your blog, but just have read this one post, and already I can tell we're similar. I could put all those things on my to-do list (and should). I actually did purge bottles from my kitchen cabinets this week (only sippys from here on out!), too many toys, washed the pollen off of my car this afternoon only to find a layer of it again this evening (inside is still a total wreck), diapers could always use some sun, and though my garden bed is ready, my seeds are still in packets.

I'll meet you tomorrow at the blogger meetup... exciting stuff!