Monday, April 2, 2012

"Gluten 'Free to be you and me'"

I crack myself up sometimes ;-)

I just finished a gluten free elimination diet to try to pinpoint the source of his tummy issues. After weeks of being gluten free, I can say with much certainty that gluten is not Finns issue.

Today was my first day of a dairy elimination diet. All I wanted all day was my raw milk... And it teased me from the fridge!

Any good dairy free recipes, y'all? I think this will be tougher than going gluten free!

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Kristina said...

I was dairy free for 9 months for Adelaide's sake... It was tough at first, but you'll adjust, trust me. Dairy is very addictive, and just like anything else, once you pass the hump of craving it, you no longer feel like you even want it. If you do feel like you have to have cheese, Daiya is a wonderful vegan alternative. We used that, almond milk in cooking, and just loads of veggie recipes!