Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Feeling a bit feather-brained today! (Chicken Update)

Happy Tuesday!

It was rather warm here in NC today! It was in the 50's!

I thought that it would be a good day to turn out our feathered ladies.
They have a fenced, covered run- but I know they prefer to be running around! We just have to be mindful of predators, be they the neighbor's dogs or critters in the woods.

They have finally finished molting and are back to laying!

I don't wash my eggs until time to use them, but I did go ahead and stick these in the fridge. Blue, green, pink tinted, and light brown! 4 of our 6 laying hens are clearly back in the game!

It was our first time experiencing molting AND this is our first winter with chickens- I am sure the extra darkness has affected them. We have a timed light in the coop, so they get a couple of more light hours a day. I like to think this has helped!

Right now, we have 6 hens and 4 roosters (that came from a batch of chicks that were supposed to be all pullets... good grief!), so we are planning to butcher 3 of the 4 roosters soon. They are really starting to drive me nuts, but thankfully they aren't fighting or hurting the hens- just making a bunch of racket and eating food while producing no eggs... which are both eatable offences ;)

There is a Flock Swap coming up (where people can buy, sell, or trade chickens and such) and I think I may go and see what is available. There are a few breeds of chicken I would like to have... might try my luck!

How are your chickens enjoying the cooler weather? Hanging in there?

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