Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh, my aching back!

20 weeks and 1 day pregnant. My back is SO sore. My doctor thinks that Jackson is putting pressure on a nerve in my back (known and dreaded by pregnant women as sciatica) that is causing pain in my lower back and through my left hip and leg.

I feel like I'm going to gag every time I bend over! That's when it hurts the most. Particularly when I want something out of the fridge...How unfair for a preggo?! ahaha

Luckily for me, Keelin has been really sweet today. She's been cuddling with me on the couch, helping me stir something in the kitchen, picking up her's been awesome! She's a better baby than 99% of the preschool population on a regular basis, but today she was just an angel. My back thanks her profusely!

Dinner tonight is going to be pizza. It's already almost 4pm (K is snoozing beside me on the couch- I went to get her a cup of water and when I came back, she was zonked!), so I need to get a move on with starting my dough, so I can wake her up in a sec. I have bacon and a fresh pineapple, so that will probably get tossed onto the pizza!

I'm definately going to bake a peach pie tonight! I have a TON of organic peaches that I got from this awesome local farmer. His produce is HUGE and perfect, but with no genetic engineering or pesticides. We all know how I feel about that mess! Blech.

Okay, as always, the pregnant brain turns to food. :)

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