Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finn's 1st Month mini photodump :)

1 day old
The best reason in the world to be tired :)

Two days old!
I wanted to document his sweet sleepy self.

Poopy face.
Sorry, son :)

Finn was two weeks old here-
the first picture of my family together!

My first time putting Finn in the Sleepy Wrap!
He kept doing the "newborn butt poke out" and I was cracking up

After his first bath.

I desperately wanted to order this from Educated Mama Decals and finally got to do it!

Oh, his sweet, glorious, soft, baby rolls!

This was when I noticed his face was looking less newborn like and more like an infant. Moms know what I mean... less alien, more person! haha

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