Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gaining some control over the mess--

I've had some trouble adjusting to having three babies. Not in the kid sense, but in the ME sense. I just cannot get it together- my hair needs some help, I really need to get new glasses, and I have a spa giftcard that will probably not get used until this time next year.

I decided to start loving myself a bit more. I don't deny myself the effort, but sometimes I just can't find the time. I'm making a conscious effort, though. With my clothes, my home... it's time to take control of the mess!

I bought some new sweaters.
(naked face, inspired by Samantha of Heart-Shaped Leaves!)

Bought the grey boots that I've been lusting after, thanks to Pinterest. has such great prices!

Bought totally unpractical flats that I found on Pinterest.
Bought from the same place as the boots.
I have nowhere to wear there, but they give me the warm fuzzies.

A package came for me from PlatoSquirrel on Etsy.

The new decorative pillow-case I ordered!
Yes, I do adore Mason jars...

A nice letter-

And beautiful linen napkins!
What a sweet surprise.

The family went on a day trip to the NC mountains.
My favorite!

We had our pool relined, so next summer, it's on!
I love the teal color...

So, on the road to regaining a bit of myself,
we revamped my wardrobe a bit, took a break from reality, decorated the house a bit, and knocked some things off of my to-do list! Sigh of relief :)


tia said...

I am loving that picture of you lady. you deserve to steal a bit of you time <3

Renee said...

Well done for doing something just for you!! I love the sparkly shoes!!!