Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finn's 2nd month photodump--

Enjoying an afternoon in the shade!

Kristin came to visit!

Keelin is so great with her brothers!

Finn and Daddy!

My wonderful doula, Tequita, loving on Mister Finn!

My grandmother meeting Finn!

My three babies!
(helping my do laundry-)

"Finn, wake up and smile at me!"

And just to clarify, Finn sleeps in the bed with us but NOT under thick blankets or on pillows. I had him propped up on the pillow so I could talk to him while I flatironed my hair. He happened to fall asleep. Just wanted to make sure you guys knew that this is not how we sleep and that I DO advocate safe, healthy cosleeping and bedsharing :P\)

NC State Fair!

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tia said...

so chunkable! I love the pictures <3