Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Beebee Kickins"

That is what Jackson (2) calls our chicks! We picked up a few on Saturday.
We got 8 Black Australorps and 2 Silver-laced Wyandottes. Very cute.

A group shot of our bitties :)

One of our 2 Silver-Laced Wyandotte babies. They won't be very big when they're full grown, but we hear that they make great pets and are very tolerant of children. And they're beautiful as adults!

One of our 8 Black Australorp babies. They're known for being friendly, hardy in the NC climate, good foragers, and good mamas!

We're hoping to up-cycle one of the buildings in our backyard into a nice coop. That may or may not happen this weekend. We shall see! For now, they're happy in the brooder we set up in our sunroom.

I almost forgot to mention that my brother set up my clothes line! I've had it since September. Only took til February to get it in the ground! ;) I've hung two loads of cloth diapers on the line and overall, I've been very impressed! Why did we not do this sooner?!

We've been talking about buying ourselves out of our Verizon contract for some time now. I bought a no contract phone tonight and I think we're going to take me off of our plan this week. We'll save quite a bit of money every month by switching to a monthly deal with no data plan (i.e. no internet) and best of all, we'll be out of our Verizon contract. I don't like the dependency that I've developed on my Android smart phone. I spend way too much time on it and it's all a waste of time, money, care. So in our quest to simplify our lives and become less dependant, we're saying goodbye to Verizon.

The songs in my heart today have been "The Cave," by Mumford and Sons and "I've Got This Friend," by The Civil Wars.

"Oh, I've got this friend holding onto her heart. Like it's a little secret. Like it's all she's got to give. Oh, if the right one came, if the right one came along..." -"I've Got This Friend" by The Civil Wars


Jaelou said...

Mm yeah I'm going back & commenting on old posts. But I had to say that I think it's awesome that you are considering downgrading your cellphone plan. I have unlimited text & calls for $35/mo with cricket, with a $35 flip phone :) Some of my friends think I'm crazy but a data plan/fancy phone just aren't that valuable to me. So here's one person that doesn't think you're crazy!

MrsP said...

I don't think you're crazy- I loved having Cricket when I lived in Gboro before I moved to Ft. Bragg! We're thinking about going with Virgin Mobile. I hear they have pretty good reception, generally?