Thursday, February 3, 2011


Here is a little photo love.
I wouldn't mind waking up here!

Or relaxing here!

Or serving a meal here!

Or living here.
As long as someone else did the dusting!

Discovering absolutely made my evening yesterday. I was really offended last night by someone that should not have gotten under my skin and as much as I hate to say it, I let someone's negativity and unkindness affect how I felt.
As someone that has battled depression for most of her life, some days are harder than others. Winters are usually pretty tough on me, quite so now that we have children. Why? Because even when the sun is shining and I might be happy to go outside or run errands all day, those kiddos will be chilled to the bone regardless of bundling them, and nap times are necessary. This mama is really looking forward to spring temperatures, I tell you what
- but back to business!
If you need a dose of happy, definitely check out that amazing website!
You will find something that brightens the moment and makes you smile- I promise.

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