Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catching up-

Thanks for bearing with me, y'all!

Dad is out of the hospital and starting the recovery process at home.
So thankful that ribs heal- even when it's ten of them!

Just a little photo catch up from the last week--

Geocaching on Father's Day!

Had a sleepover with my girl in our room while Tim was away in Georgia for work!
She thought she looked like a little granny lady in my glasses!

When my Aunt Valerie came to visit my dad in the hospital, she brought me my grandmother Sarah's pressure canner. A precious thing be given/to have, especially during the midst of my dad's ICU stay.

I hit 29 weeks!

And 30 weeks!

Today is Keelin's 5th Birthday, so I'll update soon with pictures of her birthday beach trip and cake making!


Dana said...

what'd you guys find geocaching??

P.S Baby Finn is coming right along. You look fab!

Beatrice said...

You are looking great!!! The old preasure canners are the BEST!!!

We have one and we LOVe ours!

Dusti said...

Dana, we found nothing! We found the spots for 3 of them, but the stuff had been taken :( People suck sometimes!

Bea, I ordered a new O-ring for mine and I am ridiculously excited about it coming in the mail!