Thursday, June 16, 2011

A week in my garden and kitchen-

It's been an incredible week here!
Probably why I haven't been posting near as much as I should!
Warning: This post is a big pic heavy!

The peas are here!
And they are delicious, friends.

Last night, we had spinach salads topped with sliced cukes and green peas.
The flavor was sweet and fresh. Love it!

We've been eating our homegrown zucchini!
It's so fresh, cutting it is like cutting butter.

We could use a bit of rain, but the cukes still grow!

We had so many (a dozen in a day and a half) that I made dill pickles!

The yellow cherry tomatoes!
Growing like crazy.
I think there are 3 dozen green ones on this particular plant!

Grew these specifically for Jackson-
Keelin doesn't like fresh tomatoes, although I'm hoping that we can sway her this summer!

He emerged from the sandbox long enough to have a tasty treat!
Check out his sandy little paws!
hehe :)

What I brought in from the garden on Monday-
a zucchini, a dozen cucumbers, a pink egg, a cream colored egg, and a blue egg!

It was our first 3 egg day ever!
We're usually happy to find one- thrilled if there is two!
The third egg means that a new hen has started laying.
Very exciting!

I got some amazing peaches at the Farmer's market!
AND these are my cukes sliced up for pickling in the sterilized jars.

About half of what I made Monday night.
I made 4 pints of peach jam, 3 pints of Moscato wine jelly, and almost a dozen jars of dill pickles!

Oh, and I pickled a few jalapenos for Tim!
Just cuz I love him.

A shot of round 2 of peach jam making.
This batch came out much better than the first, for some reason.

The last of those peaches?
I'm thinking about making Spiced Peaches!
Anyone ever made them before?

This is a picture of what I've put up this week-
-tomato jelly
-peach jam
-moscato wine jelly
-dill pickles
-pickled jalapeno peppers
-apple butter
(although a special post is coming about the apple butter!!)

My father is helping me get a place in the basement ready for all of my canning. It's best to store your jars in a cool, dry place that's pretty dark. We're cleaning up an awesome cabinet to do jar duty- will post pics when it's finished!


Dana said...

MMM! Peach jam sounds awesome. And yellow tomatoes are totally my fave! Happy to see little Jackson enjoying some! He's such a cutie! :0)

Samantha said...

Please come live near me. I want someone to can with!

Anna said...

Wow I'm so impressed! What a fantastic garden and how productive you are! I so badly want to know how you make the dill pickles and the tomato jelly :o)

Kayla said...

Wow, that looks awesome! I wish you were my neighbor so I could come over for dinner, that salad sounds like it's to die for!

Nancy StylenDecorDeals said...

Hi Dusti! You are my winner! I can't find an email. Email me at style decor 1 at gmail dot com
Thank you!

Dusti said...

Dana, it is really good! I'll bring you a jar the next time I see you!

Samantha, I would love to live near you!!

Anna, it's my new favorite hobby! I have to pry myself out of the kitchen when I have fresh fruits and veggies. It's wild! I'm posting recipes tonight! I promise!

Kayla, You would be an awesome neighbor! And I totally would invite you over for dinner.

Nancy, emailing you now! Thank you :)

tammy said...

Found you from your guest blog over at small steps on our journey. :) Loving what I'm reading. Do you happen to have a link handy for your dill pickles recipe? I'm about to be overwhelmed with cucumbers. They grow so well in my garden! I think we'll be eating our first squash and cukes tomorrow! YUM!!