Sunday, June 5, 2011

The payoff is coming!!! (garden)

I was discouraged a while back with how much work my large garden was requiring and I was getting a bit pessimistic about whether or not it would pay off.

Boy, does this slow food idea require some patience!
Not everything is exciting enough to take a photo of, but here are some of the highlights of my gardening week (pictures taken yesterday)

The kale is looking fantastic! It's huge!

Hola, jalapenos!
These are the size of my thumb!

Cherry tomatoes- I can't wait to throw them in a salad!

These tomatoes are going to be delicious!
I think this one is dubbed "salsa."

Lots and lots of little cucumbers!

They're coming right along!

Yummy lettuce!
Salads taste better when you walk outside to pick them.

Yes!! That is a teeny zucchini!
And it just so happens to be overgrowing my poor carrots in the bottom right hand corner.

The bean stalks are 6 feet tall!

The peas have flowers!

Loving the sunflowers!

Jackson was soaking up some Vitamin D!
And acquiring some dirt!

Precious, dusty, little piggies!

My fellow gardeners/homesteaders, how does your garden grow?


Anna said...

Oh how exciting! The first thing I wanna do when we someday own a house is plant a garden. Enjoy your bounty :O)

Samantha said...

How exciting! I want a garden fresh salad!

Zaira said...

yum! I am really wishing I had planted some kale, maybe it'll like a late summer TX planting? I hope so!

Chelsea said...

We love to garden! It's so fun to see all the veggies growing throughout the summer and enjoying all the yumminess from our own backyard! :) Thanks for following from the hop!