Saturday, June 4, 2011

The third trimester and bedroom flooring!

He's head down and pushing his feet up and out under my rib cage!
Hence, the funny square-looking belly!

Guess who is 27 weeks?
This lady!

I cannot believe that we're officially entering the 3rd trimester.
It seems like just yesterday we decided to try for our last baby-
and I knew from having Jackson that once you already have a child, the pregnancies fly by!

When I was pregnant with Keelin, I am pretty sure I was pregnant forever- but Jackson's pregnancy flew. And this one? It feels like it's going to be over all too soon :(

Can't wait to meet Finn, but I adore being pregnant.
It will be so bittersweet to kiss my days of carrying babies goodbye!

We had our new bedroom floor installed this weekend. I can now get our furniture put in there (it has been sitting in a corner of our living room) and unleash my organizational skills!

Tim has been home for a couple of days, but leaves for another business trip in the morning. I am trying to keep from being sad about it- we are incredibly blessed that he has such an amazing job that he enjoys- but maybe it's the hormones... I just feel like the couple of days we've had together isn't enough.

We went to a couple of yard sales today- and I bought an antique, blue Mason jar for $0.25! The lady asked me if I particularly liked Mason jars and I told her yes!! She ran into her house and brought out a bag with 7 more in it and told me to just take them home with me and enjoy them. What a sweet soul! It absolutely made my day!


Pamela said...

I don't think I ever looked that good in my third trimester. Yay for Mason Jars. I live in the town Ball jars were made.

New GFC follower...I'll be waiting for your sweet Finn to arive!


Anna said...

I can't imagine how exciting it is knowing you get to meet your new little one soon :o) So glad you made it to the market last night!
So you found a 25 sent blue mason jar and she threw in a whole bag?! Score!

Samantha said...

I would love to own just ONE blue mason jar, what a great find!

You look fantastic! and so does your wood floor, I am jealous over here with my wall to wall carpeting.

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