Friday, June 10, 2011

Day Camp

I've gotten the Bad Blogger Bug!
This week, I was one of the leaders for Keelin's preschool day camp class. We had more than a dozen 4-5yr olds in our class! Granted, it was only from 9am-noon, but after I got home, I was pretty worn out.

So please forgive my slack blogging this week!
I'm hoping to catch up in the next day or so- with my own blog and with the guest posts and a review that I REALLY need to finish up!

Here are a few pictures from our week!
I'm only posting pictures of Keelin (and Jackson), since most of the pictures have LOADS of other kids in them and I'm not going to ask every parent for permission to plaster their child's face on my blog!

My girl!
Painting a placemat with fruit shaped stamps!
(We had a farm/garden/market festival themed camp!)

Wednesday was water day!
I seriously am going to buy one of these for our house at the end of the summer when they go on clearance. Keelin said they were awesome and they hold a 200lb person- so yeah, Mommy thinks she needs one of these! haha... no chance of me breaking it!

She was screaming her little head off- haha!

Being a kid is SO much fun!

And you gotta love her little "mono-kini"
I am really uncomfortable with most of the two piece little girl bathing suits out there. And no, I am absolutely not prudish in the least- but there are some sickos out there AND the less she has covered, the more I have to worry about keeping covered in sunblock.

I usually opt for a 1 piece for her, but this year she begged for a 2 piece- so we compromised on this one. It has a covered front and an open back. I picked it up from Babies R Us (it's a 5T- the biggest size they carry) for $12.99! Cool beans!

One of our projects was making butter.
We put 1/4 cup of heavy cream in a canning jar and shook the daylights out of it!

Miss Keelin showing us her shaking skills!

And Houston, we have butter!

We spread it on saltine crackers and ate it with our snack (watermelon- yummy!) that day. I like the taste of salted butter, so the cream turned to butter plus the salty cracker was pretty tasty. I have many friends that make their own butter, I'm sure not the same way that we did- but this seemed so simple that making it for my family doesn't seem too complicated.
I will definitely be looking into it!
Maybe it's time for me to move into trying to make my own cheeses and butter?
Butter doesn't scare me.
Cheese? Yeah, cheese is a bit intimidating.
Anyone have any words of wisdom?
Book recommendations?

I have the preggo munchies at the moment... mmm
It would only be better with a bit of my strawberry jam!

From my classroom, I could see Jackson's class when they went outside to play.
Couldn't resist snapping a photo of him, albeit a blurry one!

On water day, Jackson's 2yr old class went outside to play in a kiddie pool and explore with a sand and water table. While I was peeking out at him (my kids were making mosaics with seeds!), I saw my little boy strip off his clothes, go streaking naked across the playground, and dive (nude) into the kiddie pool. Can't fault him! It was 96 degrees and I might have done the same thing if I were him- haha!


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Dianna said...

I thought this website was very informative. I really want to make cheese but I am waiting for our place to sell so I haven't tried it yet.