Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rain Barrels

I just realized the other day that I never updated with pictures of the rain barrels Tim made for me!

There are two of them, made the same way! They sit at the back of our house where they can collect rain from prime places- under two corner downspouts! I can honestly say that it has been awesome having them. With the spigots placed at the bottom of the barrels, there is enough pressure for me to hook up a hose and use the rain barrels to water the garden. I also use the rain barrels to provide water for the dogs and chickens. So far, I have only had to water the garden and animals with the water from our well twice!

One of our rain barrels!
I honestly think we could stand to have at least 4 more.

The piece of screen (recycled from an old window screen) keeps out the random stuff that washes down the spout.

The spout is firmly set with plumber's concrete.
Tim set the barrel up on concrete blocks to make it easy for me to get a bucket under the spout.

60 gallon barrel: $20 each
screen: free
plumber's concrete: $6 for a tube (took 1/4 of the tube per spigot)
spigot insert: $8 each

Total cost for 2 rain barrels: $59
We don't pay for water since we have a well, but consistently, it provides water for 16 chickens, two dogs, and a garden that is about 1/8th of an acre!

If we were to be without power, as long as there had been rain recently, we'd have access to water for the animals and garden.
Pretty awesome!

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Samantha said...

That is pretty cool! Another thing I would like to have when we someday live in a house with a yard instead of a townhouse with a patio. :D