Wednesday, August 10, 2011

35 week beach trip!

Tim has been so great about going to the beach with me this summer, even though he really doesn't enjoy it as much as he enjoys going to a nice mountain lake.

This was last weekend.
Keelin was with her dad, but I felt the need to take another trip, since we're getting so close to having the baby!

We went to Southport, NC.
And Tim has been out of town since this trip, so none of these photos are edited.
Forgive me!

Yummy seafood- Jackson had grouper chowder and calamari!

Enoying the ferry!

My handsome guys!

Jackson telling Daddy that he wanted to be a seagull!

Jackson made a buddy! He shared his stale pretzels so Jackson could feed the birds!

The buzzards, I mean, seagulls!

So precious.

I painted my toenails!
And yes, that is momentous!!
Took my 35 minutes.

Hey, Jackson...
That 70's show called.
They want their hair back!

The love of my life!
And my baby daddy.

Checking out a tide pool with my boy!

I'm sweating and Jackson is escaping!

Mister Sandman.

Little sandbar!

Jackson was not impressed.

Eating at Provision Company for lunch!
Tim and I had grilled tuna sandwiches.
Jackson had conch fritters and cucumber salad.

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