Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pasta Sauce, Ketchup, and Tomatoes - oh, my!

Before Kate and I ran away to the beach,
yes, three weeks ago-
we canned tomatoes!

I believe these will be the last tomato products I put away this season, unless I find the time to make more salsa- but I'm not entirely sure that will happen.

My two quarts of pasta sauce-

My two quarts of plain tomatoes-

My one quart and 3 pints of ketchup-

My portion of our tomato goodness!

It was very satisfying to put all of that away!
Hate that it's the last of my tomato stuff...
With the car accident recovery still happening and the baby's birth expected to be any time (I'm 39 weeks today!), I'm pretty sure I'm done canning summer fruits and veggies.


Dianna said...

Haha I'm about to do a similar post.

Kory said...

I'm so jealous of all your amazing canning! My mom is going to help me can a few things next week but other than that I don't think I'll get much done, we're just now able to go a full hour in between feedings, lol.

Dusti said...

Dianna, I will have to go read it!

Kory, I think the canning is what made this pregnancy fly by- LOL! I'm ready to be nursing around the clock...