Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keelin's 1st Day of School

Keelin's first day was August 4th!

She's going to a Montessori magnet school, hence why her classroom looks a bit different from what one might expect a K-5 class to look like.

Here, she's exploring the math corner of the room during orientation.

Reading Jackson a story in his room the night before school starts!

All tucked in!

Walking out the front door!

All ready to go!

Showing off her first day of school style

"Mommy, stop taking pictures or you're gonna make me late!"

We had a little Starbucks treat on the way!

She takes a Planetbox to school-
this is year two and I can tell you, that thing is worth it's weight in gold!
Best lunch box EVER!

Monogrammed bookbag!
Her Ecogear bag from pre-K was a bit too small for this year
But we're going to dye it for Jackson!

She was so excited!

Off she goes!
Or so she thinks...

Picture with Daddy, first!
He met us at school for her first day and that made her so happy!
AND I was stoked to have help carrying in the ridiculous amount of school supplies

A picture with Mommy and her brothers!

Jackson was NOT happy that we left his sister at school.

He marched right in there that afternoon to get her back!

Didn't take a picture of her first day lunch, but this was day 2!

-fresh figs from Kate's house
-peanut butter sandwich with homemade strawberry jelly and local honey
-fantastic veggie chips with flaxseed
-homemade dill pickles from my cukes
-dip for the chips, sour cream and homemade salsa from my tomatoes!


Anna said...

wow she started school already? i'm sure she was excited! she looks adorable in her outfit. oh, and that lunch....will you make my lunches from now on???? she's a lucky girl ;o)

Dana said...

I second Anna's comment, I want Keelin's lunch! And her lunch box for that matter. LOL. She's such a big girl!!! Hope she is enjoying school. :D

Zaira said...

love that lunchbox! I think my little guy would love one! (I kinda would too). We use smaller stainless ones right now but I like all those compartments...

Love all the photos!