Saturday, August 27, 2011

The last of my pickling, from a while ago

Before the accident, I finished off more of my "to do" list and have forgotten to post pictures!

I made HOT pickles

(seriously, the solution heating up was SO spicy that it made me gag, so I wore Tim's mask that he used when he painted his motorcycle!)

And I made dilled green beans!

These are delicious chilled as a side dish... crunchy and flavorful!

7 quarts of hot pickles
(even got to use some of my homegrown jalapenos in them!)

4 pints of dilled green beans
(made with Kate's green beans, so I owe her a couple of jars!)
hehe :)

My friend and doula, Tequita, let me pillage her fig bush!
I was going to make fig preserves, but I ate them all, instead.


Samantha said...

My mom says I used to devour figs when I was little. I would sneak them from the fridge even. Sadly I can not remember the last time I had one.

Dusti said...

They are SO good! I'm just glad my kiddos don't enjoy them quite as much as I do- or I might feel guilty for hoarding them ;)