Wednesday, August 10, 2011

36 week beach trip

Tim was out of town this weekend, so my friend Kate offered to hit the beach one last time with me and the kids!
I was 36 weeks pregnant!

Jackson wanted to share with his sister.

I guess he didn't think a sleeping Sissy might not be interested in a snack!

Getting in some beach time!


"Come on, Jackson!!!"
"Immmmmma comin', Sissy!"

I lost my black bathing suit top, so I snagged this swimsuit on sale.

LOL at myself in orange!

Those waves were wild!

Jackson preferred sand creations to the waves!

I kept calling him, but he wasn't particularly interested, but Keelin and I had fun!

Taking a break from getting wave beaten!

Kate taking one for the team!

We got to have lunch at Wilmington's Mellow Mushroom with my friend Jessica and her husband!
Jackson wanted to be in the picture!

Keelin's turn to be in a photo!
Jackson was blowing bubbles in his carseat- LOL!

Baby Power (36wks) and Baby Brock (26wks)


Enjoying the ferry!
(Yes, we do it every time! It's only $5 to put my van on!)

Jackson's hair was wild!

Navigating the ferry, holding hands.

Me and all of my kiddos!

LOL @ the craziness.

They are too sweet!

Kate helping Jackson out with the view!

Jackson sitting on Finn.

Keelin being fabulous!

Jackson looking for sharks-


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