Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Canning with Kate

My friend Kate brought over an entire farmer's market worth of veggies and we canned on Saturday!
Well, that isn't entirely true...
it was mostly grown by the two of us-
and it was a perfectly reasonable amount for two people!

Kate's pressure canned goodies!
-green beans

Up close and personal with our delicious salsa!

What is left for Tim of my part of the salsa...

The one with the white lid?
That one went in the fridge-
and it is gone now!

I only put up 3 quarts of pickles
-2 dill
-1 bread and butter

But I put up 8 pints!
All bread and butter.

A shot of Kate's goodies, minus...

her pickled peppers!

her quarts of dill pickles!

her pints of bread and butter pickles!

I told you my friend had a TON of cucumbers :)

We were on our feet for 8+ hours prepping and canning, but it was so fun!
Nothing beats waiting for things to process in the canners and eating salsa that is so fresh that it's still warm!

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