Saturday, July 16, 2011

Keelin's room-

Wall color: Safflower

Sheet set: Target
Bed: Ikea (painted white by us)
Custom organic bamboo velour blanket at foot of bed: Jenny, Very Chic Baby on Facebook
Custom rug: clothestohome on Etsy
(She took my photo of Keelin's bed set, found thrifted tees to match it perfectly, and made her beautiful rug!)

Funny sign- handmade and purchased in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 2008

Painting: heavensearth on Etsy

Handmade bow holder- can't for the life of me remember the name of the WAHM that made it. Will update the post when I can find out...

The closet door is an old, fabric shower curtain my dad had! I'm a terrible photographer, so I didn't straighten it out before I took the photo, but it's perfect for the room!

Lovely curtain rod chilling in the corner...

Telephone table for my girl!
I searched high and low for one of these beauties with pretty legs (a lot were just too heavy looking to match my vision of what should go in her room) and FINALLY got a call from a lady who owns an antique store in Charlotte, NC.

I went to check it out, looked great-
got it home and realized that it wasn't an antique, but it was Ethan Allen!
I laughed for the longest time- I didn't even look at the bottom.
Fine with me, either way!

A better picture of the gorgeous low water immersion dyed blanket from Jenny, the genius behind Very Chic Baby. This organic bamboo velour blanket is just to die for- the softest thing EVER! And she dyed it perfectly to match the sheet set... which perfectly matches the rug!

I have yet to:
-hang curtains
-move her toys back in the room
-put her books in her bookshelf
-hang up her pretty light

She comes home in the morning, so I will do those things by the end of today!
She's waited so patiently :)
I hope she's as happy with it as I am!

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