Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to...

be massively pregnant, garden, take care of 17 animals, and keep the kids happy at the same time!

Have Daddy apply sunblock liberally!

Add a $10 kiddie pool!

Add 5 year old!

Still can't believe she's already 5!

Add two and a half year old in his underwear!

Mix well!

And voila!

I will say that the hardest part of being pregnant in the summer like this is the NC humidity.
I can handle the heat, the belly is not a bit deal-
but the humidity has been rough on me.

It's really nice, though, to pop the kids in swimsuits, slather on some SPF 70, and let them enjoy themselves while I hurry through the outside chores that wear me out. Thankfully, Tim has been bearing the brunt of the animal feeding and water carrying- but sometimes I feel like I need to take a cold swim after just walking across the yard! *sigh*

I'm ready for cool breezes!

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