Friday, July 8, 2011

garden update + a little canning

A little garden update-

My peas have bitten the dust!
No production in over a week :(

My corn really never did grow like it was supposed to.
Better luck next year, maybe?

My squash never produced jack.

My zucchini has really slown down production.
Only getting a few a week.

The cucumbers are still doing really well!
Lots of peppers!
Tons of green tomatoes- some ripening, finally!
Lettuce and kale- yum.


Little jalapenos

yellow cherry tomatoes ripening

a big tomato ripening!

I jarred fresh blueberries!
Quite a few pints this week.

apple butter that I made for our buddy Jason, who just got out of the hospital after battling pneumonia for over a week!

apple butter that I made for us and for gift giving- half pint jars instead of pint jars this time, so they will go a bit farther since it takes a TON of apples to do one batch

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