Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recent Happenings (pic heavy!)

Hi, hi!
Here are a bunch of random photos I've taken over the last week or so, but none of them warrant their own post. Anyway, here is the gigantic, somewhat random, catch up post!

We got a new duvet cover and bedside lamps.
The grey paint is on the wall!
I just started reading, "The Help."
Anyone read it yet?

Jackson is potty learning!
He likes to "play choochoo's" while he goes

We have a neighborhood peacock
(no joke!)
and I took this on the day he spend at our house!

Gorgeous blueberries!

I learned how to can whole blueberries!
And ya know, I think they were the messiest thing I've ever canned.

Lovely okra!

Used a recipe my father in law sent us!
It's pickled okra, totally spicy!
Can't wait to try it :)

He's such a squishy 2 and a half year old!

Ordered some organic goodness from Bambino Land for the kids!

Jackson got a yoga outfit!

What happens when Kate and I were making pickles in the kitchen while the kids were painting in the dining room! We knew it would get messy (and that's cool with me, honestly)- but I didn't expect teeny footprints EVERYWHERE! lol

I am thrilled with my garden.
Jackson eats every yellow cherry tomato that ripens.
Keelin KILLS some green beans!

Our first big, red tomato!

A bare belly photo at 32.5wks!
Jackson is showing you where Finn is-
Finn, otherwise known as "Bitty Brother!"

I measured my belly yesterday- I am 40 inches around at my biggest point!
I am much smaller than I was with either of the first two babes-
I'll find out at my midwife appointment next week how much weight I've gained this month.

Speaking of my belly, I am in love with "real waist" maternity jeans. They have the elastic and buttons on the inside of the waistband so you can loosen or tighten them. You buy them in the size you usually wear (I ranged between a size 4 and a size 6, depending on the length since I'm long legged) and they can take you through a whole pregnancy and transition you back to your pre-pregnancy pants.

These were clearanced at Target for $12. I'd say they were definitely worth it!

Me and my sweet little boy!
He wanted me to stop taking pictures of my belly and take pictures of him.
Fine with me!

By the way, Keelin is at the beach with her dad ALL week.
I've been working my tushy off on her room!
Can't wait to post pictures.

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