Wednesday, July 6, 2011

31 weeks and 4 days!

31 weeks and 4 days!
I think it's the white tank top that makes me look huge- the picture on the bottom of this post was taken about 2 hours prior and I look nowhere near this big.

I'm up 20lbs.
I feel pretty great!

It's really crunch time for preparing things for the birth and postpartum- I don't want to get overwhelmed, so I'm taking it one step at a time! This week, I ordered some nursing pads and mama cloth!

I bought some organic cotton nursing pads!
These things are fantastic- reusable, three sets for $10

I still have my nursing bras from when Jackson was younger, so that will save a bit of money. Just wish I hadn't lost my nursing pads- I had quite a few!

Mama Cloth!
If you haven't tried it, I suggest it!

Organic cotton on top

Fleece on the bottom
(yes, guitars... I'm cool!)

They snap on the wings to hold them in place!
Very cool!

I bought a few of them when I was trying to get pregnant with Finn, thought they were fantastic, so now I'm making sure I have a good supply for those first few weeks postpartum.

A front picture from 31 and a half weeks!
Props to my friend Kristin for picking out this fantastic Threadless top for me for my birthday this year! I've worn it a few times, but this is the first time I've remembered to take a photo from the front :)


Rachel said...

Looking good! I love that sunflower shirt, it's adorable :)

Jaelou said...

Girl, you are glowing! :) How pretty you are.