Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy 24th Birthday to me!

Well, March 13th is my birthday :) I'm officially a 24 year old now. Next year, I will be a quarter of a century old! Halfway to fifty!

That might make some women cringe, but I'm loving the aging process. I like what it's doing to my heart, my mind, and even my body. I much prefer my mommy curves to my super skinny 18 year old figure. Sure, it's harder to find cute jeans, but I'm good with that! ;)

I had dinner tonight with some of my girl friends to celebrate. From left: Emily with her son Hayden, Jessica with her daughter Emily Kay, Courtney with her son Riley, and me holding my Jackson! Keelin was with her dad this weekend, and we certainly missed her!

If you look carefully at this picture, you can see a little bit of my teeny baby bump! 15wks

And in this one, Jessica is taking the picture and Kristin is out from behind the camera! Tonight was a joint celebration, since Kristin's birthday is ten days before mine! :)

I feel so lucky to have fun girl friends. And my belly is still super happy about my Steakhouse Salad. A big, delicious salad with bleu cheese (that I HATE when people refer to as "blue cheese." Spell it properly or don't eat it!), tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, and a little bit of steak on top! It hit the spot without being overwhelming. It came with some fried onion rings on top, but I passed those off to one of my friends. Fried food and onions both give me serious digestive upset :-/ Even though I enjoy the taste, I will regret it for dayssssss after.
After we ate, a few of us went to the grocery store. It was really nice to walk and talk while we shopped for delicious, healthy foods! I love being pregnant and grocery shopping. It's just more fun that way! :) I got some Izze (the sparkling blackberry) and two kinds of vegan, non-dairy sorbet (blood orange and mango) as a birthday treat for myself... and yes, I am indulging as I type.
I'll update tomorrow with a post about my birthday gifts from my husband, Tim. Two rain barrels and 5 new baby chicks!!


Jaelou said...

Oh my gosh - the orange sorbet. You weren't lying girl. That stuff is AMAZING.

Happy Birthday, again. We're all lucky to have you as a friend!

MrsP said...

Isn't it delicious?! I'm so glad you like it.

Love ya!