Friday, March 25, 2011

The first week of Spring!

The first week of Spring was really kind to us, aside from the last couple of days being a little chilly for my taste! I was really productive at home and we got some great news. Tim got a great job offer from a company he was interested in working with, so he officially is employed for when he gets out of the Army two weeks from today!

I felt the baby kick from the outside for the first time last night! I'm almost 17 weeks and felt the baby start moving around right before I was 13 weeks. I guess with this being my third and final baby, I know what to look for- or this baby is just wild at heart!

Speaking of the baby, I believe we are going to name him Finn. It's a Gaelic name that means "fair." And yeah, all of my kids are pale- go figure. :) Having a hard time choosing a middle name, though. We'll let you know when we come up with something, but it will definitely be a tough decision.

I made a tablecloth for the kidlet's table! We eat a lot of yogurt and fruit, all of which were ending up on the unvarnished wooden table. Had to protect it somehow. My elastic wasn't tight enough on 2 of the corners, but it was my first shot at it, so I will tighten it up at a later time. For now, we're loving the easy cleanup!

The results of my first knitting lesson with my friend Kate! I've practiced a bit since then, so I hope that eventually I will actually start trying to make something :)

One of my 2011 Resolutions was to learn to knit and it was the last thing on my list I had yet to start, so I'm really excited. Progress- and it is so relaxing!

Short rows tilled in the garden, two peach trees planted (now we get to just wait about 5 more years for peaches), marigolds planted (help with bug control and pollination), and some of our seedlings put in the ground.

We did have a little cold snap, so I'm afraid that some of them aren't looking so good. I think I have enough seedlings left to make up for it if those kick the bucket, though, and end up in the compost bin.

Diapers on the line right above my daffodils! See the brownish colored diaper? I heard that you can dye fabric with tea, so I tried it and the color looks really strange. I think I did something wrong, but I definitely will try again. Some of the fabric I've seen dyed with tea is just lovely, so we'll see if I can't get the hang of it :)

My beautiful seedlings! Can't believe that I grew these from seeds and only killed a few of them :) My thumb is slowly changing colors!

Our upcycled chicken coop! It is finally finished and our 10 oldest chickens are spending their second night out there (with a heat lamp, of course) tonight. They love it! I've never seen them happier! It's 88 square feet, 44 feet of perches, 7 nesting boxes, a large fenced run is just beyond the window, and there is a closeable "chicken door" on the bottom left, so I can shut them in at night to protect them from predators. There is electricity out there, so our feathered family members will have a heat lamp as long as they need it and a fan in the summer.


Samantha said...

Finn is a great name!

Jason (my husband) has mentioned wanting out of the Army when his reenlistment comes up in two years. I am kind of worried about him finding a job, but your husband finding one before he is even out gives me hope! (and I like to think our economy will have improved in two years.)

Dana said...

The fabric for the table cloth is SUPER cute! Where did you end up getting fabric? Also, I am so jealous of the garden-- oh apartment living, it has its pros but no real garden is definitely a con.

MrsP said...

Samantha, Tim started prepping to get out over a year and a half ago. If Jason wants to get out, definitely know what direction he wants to go job-wise and start making himself as marketable as possible for that particular field. I don't know what he does in the Army, but Tim took his computer skills and experience from his job in the Army and got some certifications to make himself more marketable, so it was fairly easy for him to get a job. A lot of people find that the market is pretty rough, though. Good luck- with whatever he decides to do! :)

Dana, Hancock on the corner of Groometown and High Point Rd. The staff is delightful and the prices are great!! It's where I got the dino fabric, too.

Jaimie said...

It looks like you've been busy enjoying the beginning of spring! I also find knitting very relaxing. Once you get used to the hand motions, it's very meditative.