Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh, Happy Thursday!

While our friends spent the day wearing green and such, we didn't celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. We spent the. entire. day. outside! I have the pink shoulders (ouchie!) to prove it :)

Keelin at her finest and Jackson was climbing her chair. Wild ones!

This is how we spent our day! The kids got so muddy and messy that I changed their play clothes 3 times! That is how you can tell it was an awesome time!! :)

Jackson went mud puddle stomping, clearly. This is about the time we started going barefoot! ;)

Here is my 15 week and 4 day belly picture! I am starting to get a bump! Finally! This is just so exciting. :)
Oh, as for being productive today... I put diapers on the clothes line and took them off. Not productive, but I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed spending the day doing nothing but playing with my kids and enjoying the beautiful weather in my chair outside.

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Samantha said...

Sounds like a successful day to me! It will be a nice change when the weather is warm consistently. :)