Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My new rules :)

Me at almost 14 weeks (a week ago)

My new rule of parenting is: Never have more kids than you can take care of in the event that you get a debilitating stomach virus that lays you up for 3 days with no other adult in sight to help.

I broke it and that's okay. Rules were meant to be broken, right? Right?

Jackson helping me listen to the baby with my doppler. HB is running in the high 150s, low 160s (between 156 and 162)

Thank goodness that Keelin's dad is a cool guy and took her to his house yesterday afternoon so that he could take her to school this morning looking nice for her spring, school pictures. I don't think the school would have appreciated my version of "mommy is sick / homeless chic" - so I was thankful for that. I'm also thankful that she missed the worst part of my illness. I was so sick last night that I got to the point where I didn't make it to the bathroom and ended up a pile of Mommy puking all over herself laying on the floor of the hallway. Jackson stood beside me mimicking the noises I was making as I retched in the floor.

Pitiful. And gross. Not my most dignified moment ever.

My new rule of grocery shopping is: Never allow yourself to be stuck with only powdered orange Gatorade in the event of debilitating stomach virus. You will come to loathe the stuff.

Brilliant discovery: After eating no solid food for 3 days, you will crave really strange things. Tonight, the first time I've kept food down in a while, I have felt an overwhelming desire for grapefruit, a Bloody Mary (maybe because the recovery period after a tummy bug somewhat reminds me of being violently hungover?), a cheese pizza, and a few other things that absolutely do not go together under any circumstances.

I had some grapefruit, which has stayed down. So far so good! I really really want a bite of vinegar based coleslaw, but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't put grapefruit and vinegar in my tummy at the same time. Will probably just hit the hay for now.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be more coherent, less emotional, and a more interesting blogger.

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