Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where do you put the batteries?!

I was playing with my munchkins this afternoon and decided to snap some photos of them playing. I can count on two hands the toys these kids have that are battery-powered. Most of our toys are kid-powered :)

We used to have all of the light up, noise making, Disney character covered plastic junk. The more I researched, got headaches from the noise, and realized that the mess was NOT something I wanted in my home, we started slowly but surely minimizing the number and type of toys in our house. At last count, we have 7 toys that require some sort of power, including the tv that I have in the back of the house for the kids to watch the occasional movie on. The rest is mostly wooden, imagination requiring, and I love it! And so do they!

Keelin trying to use a wooden pizza cutter on a wooden apple stuck together in the middle with velcro. She's wearing a bioME 5 "K for Kangaroo" shirt.

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Here is Jackson playing with the apple and Keelin playing with the darn pizza cutter ;) She's cutting a wooden loaf of sliced "bread" held together with velcro.

They were pretty hung up on play food this afternoon, but you can also see the Plan Toys lace up shoe, and the Melissa and Doug toys- the word matching game, the tool set, etc. We love Melissa and Doug, even though their items are mostly made in China and we wish they would make them here in the U.S.A.

Jackson, making a pizza for his big sissy!

Little mess maker! Keelin would run away before I could take many pictures with her in them. Don't know why she was being camera shy today :-/

So there ya go, y'all! Just a little peek into the toybox. So many people act like our kids are deprived because they don't have TONS of toys or the "latest and greatest," but shoot, they are happy kids and I feel good about what they have to play with. Kid-powered is the way we like to do it at our house :)


tia said...

You know we love Melissa and Doug and Plan toys. They are a couple of my favorite brands and it allows the kids to be so into the toys, not so much what they can do but what they can make them do. & I love that they are educational.

It's funny because I was about to take pictures of addi playing with her doll house today. She absolutely loves that thing and I love adding little sets to it.

They look so grown up- why are our babies growing so fast? yeesh.

Dusti said...

I haven't unpacked the kids' dollhouse yet! Jackson was actin' a fool with the garden playset in August when I packed it up to move - putting the darn vegetables in his mouth. I was positive he was going to choke himself, so I've left it in the basement. Should probably bring it up here and let the kids go nuts with it- it'll be like getting it as a gift all over again since they haven't seen it since August! :)

These kiddos must be snacking on Miracle Gro when I'm not looking. It's so unfair :( And you know baby Finn is going to grow up even faster, just because he's the youngest. Boo...