Thursday, March 3, 2011

Randomness on a Thursday

So, it looks like my brother, Daniel, is saving me! He is detailing my car for me. Saves my back the 14 week-almost pregnant ache of bending for hours.

Happy 24th birthday to my friend, Kristin! Can't wait to give her the cute Etsy find I snagged for her birthday!

My dad leaves for Honduras in a few hours. I'll miss him! See ya in 8 days, Senor!

A friend Elizabeth snagged me ten cloth diapers from Craigslist today! $40 for ten pockets and a dozen inserts! I don't usually use pockets, but that was a pretty good deal, especially used twice! :)

I realized today that our chicks are seriously getting big! I can see now why I have to fill up their dishes twice a day!!

Met up with my tenth and eleventh grade English teacher's husband tonight to buy some of his organic, home roasted coffee beans! The proceeds will help fund their adoption. I wish Stan and Angie only the best. They deserve a child to love- and sooner rather than later.

A friend of our family's (love this lady!!) offered us her grandson's sandbox since he's a bit too old for it now. This thing is huge, in perfect shape, and saves us quite a bit of money. Thanks, Carol!!!

Okay, that's all I can swing today. My brain is fried and my eyes are closing involuntarily. Goodnight~

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