Sunday, March 6, 2011

This weekend was

That is honestly the only way to describe it!

I took this year off from school to spend more time with my family. I definitely have been! It's been great to not leave the kids for class, read for pleasure again, and being able to say, "Yes, we are trying to have another baby!" I couldn't be pregnant, be the kind of mom I want to be, and maintain my commitment to my classes. Something had to fall by the wayside.

I have found, though, that even though I tried to simplify my life, I'm still over-extended. I've started crafting for babies and children- making family cloth (reusable toilet "paper" that you wash with your cloth diapers), cloth baby wipes, etc. I took a few orders for friends and barely finished them. The first trimester fatigue just zapped my energy. I had none. So I finished the projects that I'd started and decided not to take on anymore.

I finished off the last of the baby wipes for a friend due in a couple of weeks. Those will be mailed off tomorrow. (That was Friday)

I (along with another Army wife) threw a baby shower for a friend. The feedback seems to be good, so I think it went really well. Will post some pictures of the decor I organized later. Think vases of flowers and bowls of lovely orange goldfish that my friend Patti's daughters and my kids took home after the baby shower to be loved (and fed regularly) as pets! $0.13 feeder goldfish getting saved from being fed to a bigger critter. I hope we can get them to last a while! (That was Saturday)

When I got home from the baby shower last night, I saw that Tim had finished up the kids teeter totter and swingset! Today, it was pouring rain allllll day! Keelin (our 4yr old) went outside in boots and a raincoat to play for a little while, but decided it wasn't a dry idea pretty quickly. I'm so thankful that Tim loves our kids like he does. He could have watched the History Channel and eaten Girl Scout cookies all day, but he showed his love for his kids on his day off. Absolutely precious.

As for today, I woke up when the kids started being noisy and immediately tapped Tim and started rattling off what we needed to do today. We ate some granola, blackberries, and almond milk for breakfast then got to work! The kids organized their toys, beds, etc. Tim cleaned the sunroom, dining room, and living room. I spring cleaned the kids toys/clothes, washed a ton of laundry, cleaned all of the bedrooms, bathrooms. It was a super productive day!

Right after I finished cleaning, my mom showed up for a visit that didn't prompt but certainly helped motivate the cleaning spree this morning. While she was here, a man stopped by to check out my car. Well, two hours later... after a test drive and a visit to a mechanic to check under the hood, he bought my car!!!!!

So this weekend was totally crazy, but amazing. I finished up my crafting plans, threw a baby shower that I've been planning for months, and cleaned our whole house!

I then realized that I'm now 14 weeks and 1 day. I cleared out my schedule, got my home spring-cleaned to a clean slate, moved outgrown toys and clothes to marked bags to pass on to friends JUST in time to start my second trimester of this pregnancy. My final pregnancy, I believe.

It seems like this weekend cleared my heart and mind of stress, worry, and brought me to a place in this pregnancy that makes me feel like it's time to start preparing for this baby to arrive.

It's time to start prepping our newborn sized cloth diaper stash, washing and freshening baby carriers (my Kozy and Ergo are begging to be worn with a wee one!), and getting myself centered... so I don't get to the point of feeling totally overwhelmed with things I've told people I would do. I certainly do not plan to stop doing things for others, making items, etc. but I do need to be mindful of my stress levels and pace myself. I just signed up to do way too much at one time. Moderation needs to be a word that I repeat to myself often throughout the day. I am not superwoman and do not strive to be. I just want to be a good mom and a good wife. And being stressed to the gills doesn't make me a better wife or mother.

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