Monday, May 2, 2011


It's official! We have 50 followers over here at Where am I?

Why is this such a huge deal to me?
Because I had NO followers around two months ago!!
You guys inspire and encourage me- so, thank you!

Coming soon:
- The HUGELY amazing review that I promised. The items are in the mail on their way to me now and I am having the hardest time keeping to myself what it is that I was given the opportunity to give away to you guys!

- A couple of giveaways, courtesy of me! I will announce my first one within the next couple of days!

Thank you, everyone, for making my ramblings feel worthwhile!


Samantha said...

Congratulations on the 50 followers!

tia said...

woo hoo!!

Beatrice said...


I was happy when I reached 20 followers :)

Wishing you many more in the Future :)

Kory said...

Wow! Congrats lady!

militantcupcake said...
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