Monday, May 16, 2011

Musical Monday (not something I will do often)

"Simple Life," by The Weepies

"Golly Sandra," by Eisley (a throwback to my senior year of highschool)


Chasing Rainbow said...
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Chasing Rainbow said...

Hello there, so nice to visit your blog.You have a beautiful family. I am following along.

*sorry I submitted first post after "hello", lol.

Jill said...

Great music choices--I love Eisley!

KM said...

So funny you did this post. I was up all night Sunday with a sick dog (not baby)and was thinking about music. I was thinking about each stage I was in during my life and how each band helped me along the way. I am working on my music post right now. Great post and great music choices!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, sharing the love and for the follow! I am now following your blog!

BTW~You have a very cute family on your hands =)

TWITTER~ @CMsmommy