Friday, May 27, 2011

Berry picking!

I'd gotten in a good habit of blogging most days, but I've been enjoying the kids so much the past couple of days that I've been pooped by the time they were in bed! :) I tell you, if we could bottle their energy, there would be NO energy crisis!!

Yesterday, we went berry picking with my friend Sherron, who sadly was in town from Fort Lewis , Washington because her father in law passed away, and her family. She has a little girl that is a few months younger than Jackson- and I'm not sure who ate more strawberries! Keelin was as polite as ever, trying to balance filling up her bucket and stuffing her face! We ended up with just under 7 pounds of strawberries! I'd planned to pick more, but it was 93 degrees and I'm almost 26 weeks pregnant, so yeah, I was melting.

Keelin doing her thing!

Jackson and Maya cooling off in the hose!

My little green-eyed love!

Just one of our boxes of berries!
Big, red, shiny
Just begging to be turned into strawberry shortcake and jam!
(and I did both tonight- post to come)


Kory said...

Oh yum! I can't wait till our u-pick farms open up!

Em said...

I need to take Hayden strawberry picking, but I bet they're slammed during the weekend!

Anna said...

I'm so jealous. I looove strawberry picking. I have such wonderful childhood memories of it just like your adorable kids will :o) where did y'all go picking? nearby?

Dusti said...

Kory, we're at the end of our season here! So sad.

Em, the people at Early Farms said that in the next couple of days, they should have a bunch more ripening... like Monday afternoon?

Anna, we went to Early Farms in Gibsonville. Not a bad drive, either :)