Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going to Anthropologie, courtesy of our hens!

I told myself that when our chickens started laying regularly, I would buy a really pretty egg bowl.
I have been looking around and haven't quite found one that caught my eye- until this week!

This one, from Anthropologie, caught my eye and looked very much like the rest of our kitchen decor, so when we went out to run errands today, we stopped so I could snag one!

(I think Tim was relieved when I walked out with a small, brown paper wrapped package. I think he expected me to come out with tons of clothes. I adore that place!)

Cute, blue, stoneware!
What a cute egg crate- definitely a better idea than an egg bowl!

While I was checking out the kitchen stuff, I fell in love with these stoneware measuring spoons! Not on my list of things to buy, but they were perfect for the kitchen and honestly, I'm not exactly sure what happened to most of my stainless steel measuring spoons during the move- so it worked! And they came home with us.

So I do, indeed, thank my hens (particularly Paula Deen, egg laying extraordinaire) for giving me a reason to go ahead and get something pretty and useful for the kitchen! Thanks, gals!

For my fellow chicken caretakers, how do you store your eggs? In the fridge or on the counter? Do you use the cool recycled cardboard egg crates from farm supply or do you have an egg bowl?


Beatrice said...

we just use reused egg cartons :) My mom would love to have one of those special egg holder thing you got :)

I love the measuring cups! I want them for my hope chest!!!

Dusti said...

Bea, check out the milk carton measuring cups- they stack into themselves to look like a milk carton <3 I put that on my list of things to get for our house!

The measuring spoons are precious, teeny but precious :)

Kory said...

Cute stuff! Still jealous of your chickens ;)

Zaira said...

that's really neat! I almost need one for the eggs we get from our local farmer. But that would be a bit wasteful since they come in cartons lol