Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who has pink and blue eggs?! WE DO!

On Monday, I went out to the chicken coop after lunch to take the chickens a treat- some stale bread!
I glanced into the nesting boxes, out of habit more than expectation, and what did I see?!

Our first egg! Courtesy of our "mutt" chicken, a grey hen named Paula Deen!

It's definitely tinted, almost pink! Pretty small, too.

And on Tuesday, I got another egg! Monday and Tuesdays eggs!

We also got another egg on Wednesday!

You guys that keep chickens were so right- once they start laying, they lay!
I also keep hearing that when one hen starts laying, it "encourages" other hens to start laying, so yesterday we started speculating as to which hens might start laying (since we have 5 that are old enough to lay) next!

This morning, I went out and there was our first BLUE egg!
And the layer was Keelin's big Araucana hen, Reeses!

Here are the eggs so far from this week!
Paula Deen is an afternoon layer (and I wrote this post around lunch time on Thursday), so my guess is that after I lay Jackson down for a nap there will be another pinkish egg waiting for me in the nesting box!

I feel SO relieved, you guys.
We spent money getting the coop ready, getting the hens, feeding all of the chickens-
It's like waiting for water to boil, waiting for them to start laying.

But now we know that we have two laying hens
and hopefully, the rest will follow :)


Kory said...

Oh, how beautiful! I had my hubby all convinced to let me get chickens, got it cleared with the city and everything... and then found out I'm allergic to chicken eggs! :( Looking into ducks, but still really bummed about the chickens!

Glad yours are laying!

Dusti said...

Kory, ducks are SO wonderful! I'm so envious of my friends that have ducks! We don't really have the time this season to get an area ready for ducks, but we hope to branch out next year!

Have you thought about quail? They're precious, inexpensive, and lay teeny, little eggs. Not much by way of food compared to the size of a chicken's egg, but they're soo yummy and did I mention precious? Duck eggs would be a great option, too. They're super tasty! Keep me updated- I'm eager to hear about which direction your research takes you :)

Anna said...

How exciting! You must be so relieved and so satisfied. I would be :o) enjoy your especially lovely eggs.

Em said...

Yay! Chicken eggs! I miss my dorf!

Dusti said...

Anna, we are really enjoying going out and looking for them! Finally! :) See you tomorrow at the Indie Market!

Em, when we start getting some more hens laying, we'll send some your way! Not Dorf, but maybe Paula Deen, Reeses, Blink, Goldilocks, and Big Bird?! ;)

Dianna said...

Yea! My dh is starting the coop this weekend for my friend's house. They just passed an ordinance in our city and they are legal now.