Monday, May 30, 2011

Making strawberry jam!

My first experience making strawberry jam!

The gorgeousness we started out with!

Capped and hulled!

What up, compost?!


6 cups of smurshed strawberries for my recipe!

A little treat while I worked!

Heating up my lids!

Sterilizing my jars!

Rockin' out!

My big pot after I was finished!


And I tell you, I will NEVER buy store bought jelly/jam/preserves ever ever again!
This stuff is incredible!

And for those interested in trying it, DO!
It is so incredibly easy-
I'm not kitchen inclined and since then, I've made 20 more pints!
All successful.
It really isn't difficult!
I promise! :)


Zaira said...

yum! our blueberry farm just opened this weekend, hoping to be doing this same thing soon!


Kory said...

I love making jams and jellies! Now I just need to learn how to can other things too, lol. This post totally has me craving strawberries!

Dusti said...

Zaira, I am SO ready for blueberries! And blackberries are going to be really exciting, too! Do you make any mixed jams with your blueberries?

Kory, I am so excited at how well it's gone so far! It's so relaxing for me and I really enjoy preserving the food! I'm getting a pressure canner here soon, because from what I've been reading, that is the only way to can most of what I'm growing in my garden! My kitchen is going to be a nightmare pretty soon- everything is growing like mad and I have a bunch of jars just waiting for me to fill! :)