Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A quick garden update- so exciting!!!

Here is a garden update!
Quick and easy, but there just isn't much you can say about sprouts :)

It's itty bitty, but it's-

Tater sprouts!
And these are BLUE potatoes!
Very cool.

A row of teeny cucumber plants!
These were planted from seeds straight into the soil, so I'm eager to see how their growth compares to those that we started in peat pots indoors!

One of 5 that the kids have enjoyed this week!
Eating them as fast as they ripen...
and I have yet to taste one ;)

Keelin playing in the leaky hose, post strawberry eatage!
Jackson showing off his strawberry!

Tim, I thought you were watering the GARDEN?!


Samantha said...

That strawberry looks delicious.

Jill said...

Oh, so fun! Looks like your seasons are about a month ahead of us here. Makes me a little jealous this time of year:)

little mama martin said...

ahhhh I can't wait to have a yard with my own plants for food. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue.... at least that's what I keep telling myself! Ha!

Kory said...

Super jealous! All that's come up here so far are a few radishes the squirrels haven't gotten to yet! I can't for the life of me figure out how to keep them from digging up my garden *rgh*

Anyway, looks like great progress!

Stephanie said...

So cute- love Daddy "watering" :)

Following back (it has taken me FOREVER, I apologize!)

henry  happened

Dusti said...

Samantha, I can only assume it was! I think the only way this lady is going to get strawberries this year is to go pick some at a local You-Pick farm. These kids are fiends!

Jill, it is great fun! We're in central NC, so our weather is pretty amazing right now. It has gone back and forth a bit, though.

Emily, the time is coming faster than you think! When you get that yard, we'll have a garden party (literally!) and get you rockin' and rollin'! You'll be suffocated by veggies one day! I just know it.

Kory, I think my favorite thing about having two huge dogs is that squirrels are just not ballsy enough to come anywhere near the yard. I'm hoping it keeps up and the super squirrels don't find my garden!

Stephanie, really happy to have you!!

Jaelou said...

Lookin' good! My container garden seems to be growing slower than previous years. The zucchini is doing very well & I'll have to find somewhere to plant them in the yard soon.

Dusti said...

Jess, that's awesome about your zucchini! I could eat zucchini every day! I did most of mine in by starting the seeds too early, planting too late- and yeah, transplant shock. *sigh*

But I've already learned a lot this year that will make next year's garden much better planned, even if I don't get as much zucchini as I'd hoped for! :)

I want to see pictures!