Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who loves thrifted furniture?!

I do!!

It looks a bit crazy since it was still drying, but I was so excited to snap a picture of it!

We have been hunting for used furniture for a while now and haven't, until this week, found anything that would work for us. We found a few neat thrifted pieces before this, but they were just too darn expensive for what they were... apparently, some people think a LOT of their used furniture ;)

This is our loveseat.
There is a matching sofa, but when I took this photo, I hadn't finished washing the cushion covers yet! :)
Micro-suede, a couple of years old- almost NEW looking!
We picked them up at a Habitat for Humanity Restore for a great price!

I spent yesterday and today scrubbing the daylights out of them (hence the wet marks in the photo), to the point where I no longer feel like I'm sitting on someone else's couch.

Reasons to buy used furniture:
1. It's sooo much cheaper!
2. Reupholstering is always a possibility if you fall in love with a piece, but not the fabric.
3. New furniture off gasses terribly and a lot of those fumes are downright toxic. Buying pre-loved means that it has had an opportunity to air out.
4. Have I mentioned what a bargain these two pieces were?
5. New furniture is cheap, y'all. I was so disappointed with what I found in stores!
And I'm talking quality, not price.
For what we paid for our couch AND loveseat, you could get half of a full priced loveseat- if it was a cheap one!
6. Continuing from #5- I won't be upset when my kids wear it out!

Just had to share my excitement!
Now that the walls in our living room are painted and we have somewhere to sit, I feel like we can concentrate on painting the trim, finishing up the fireplace, and putting the darn door jambs back on!

Yay, home renovation?


Kory said...

Cute! I love thrifted furniture too! A lot of ours is second hand, and you're right, you can get way better quality for less (like our awesome dining table for $60), or equal quality for uber cheap (like the ikea bookcase in our bedroom that was like $10 nearly new). Gotta love it!

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Pretty!!! <3

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