Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Big, Green Reno-

Home renovations.
They suck.

It sucks even more when people create a ton of waste in order to update and upgrade-
or use harmful chemicals to make it happen.

We've been working on updating our 40 year old home since around August of last year as time, energy, and funds have allowed. Now that we have Baby #3 on the way, and knowing myself, we really need to get some things done before he is born or it will take a ridiculously long time to make them happen.

We are doing this as eco-consciously as possible.

We're using zero VOC paint.
We chose Olympic brand paints, because there is a Lowe's a few minutes from our house.
It's no more expensive than the traditional stuff and works great!

The color for our living room and master bathroom is "Island Sky"
and it doesn't smell like we've been painting for a week!

Cost: $20 a gallon

Painting brick is nooo fun!

Hubby found some recyclable paint trays.

Our local center will not recycle them with paint on them, but I feel better about potentially trashing something that at least has a chance of breaking down in the landfill.

Cost: cheaper than plastic!
Less than $2 each!!

We're keeping the old mouldings and finishings, just painting them white to update the look instead of tearing down the dated wood accents.
Our master bedroom is ALMOST completely "Grey Plank!"

We've been slowly redoing the floors- they were carpet.

Carpet presents two problems:
#1... I HATE vacuums.
I would rather sweep ten times a day than vacuum once a week.

#2... I have horrible allergies.
I sneeze, I get nasty headaches- all because of dust!
So, yeah, carpet isn't my favorite thing.

I hated ripping up the carpet and padding, but we saved every bit we could to be used in the houses my dad owns and rents out. The carpet was in great shape, just not great for us. Reuse!!

We have almost all of the floors redone in laminate and hopefully, they will last and last and last!

Cost: to be determined

Hubby, taking one for the team.

Jackson ninja-ed himself into a bucket of paint.
Thank goodness this is the back of a dresser-
no one but us (and you) will ever know!

The cushions we splurged on (from the clearance section of Pier 1) to turn a 4yr old futon mattress into a floor couch! Keelin picked them out and I think she did an AMAZING job! Well, after I convinced her that hot pink wasn't going to be the main color on the sunroom! Then all went beautifully! But yessir, the girl has an eye!

Our sweet love- so proud of what she picked out!
And I wish all of you could understand how comfortable the floor couch is!
We veg out there all the time now!

Cost: Back pillow $52, Pesto side pillows $8 each, Decorative pillow $4
Futon: gift given to me 4 years ago
(shoutout to Jessica- woot woot!)

Jackson is the only person with feet cute enough to be allowed to prop them on decorative pillows!

The little brother approves of his sister's awesomeness when it comes to being the decor queen!

The guys checking out our handiwork!
I think they like it!


Courtney said...

I LOVE the floor couch! Can't wait to come lounge on it with you :)

The Remodeled Life said...

I have been using the Olympic paint as well and I love it! The fireplace looks awesome!