Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Mason jar love!

As many of you have probably figured out, I hate Mason jars.
Okay, not really.
I absolutely adore them!

I've been given so many by amazing friends
(Thank you, Darlene and Carol, in particular!)
in hopes that I will be able to preserve tons of fruits and veggies this year!

Here is a top shelf photo of only two kitchen cabinets-
full of potential.

This is a lid that I won't be able to use to can,
so this one was chosen to receive a makeover!

Thanks to Carol for this particularly awesome honey jar!
I chose this one because of the measurements indicated on the side.

I read a tutorial on Easie Peasie for Mason jar soap dispensers.
You know I had to try to make one!

It will perfectly match the little Mason Jar Light that was just purchased, but hasn't arrived yet!
(Messing with electrical stuff is a little beyond my capacity at this moment in time!)

I cut a hole in the lid big enough to put a pump through.
I cut it a little small so that it would fit snugly.
Apparently, some people glue theirs down-
I didn't, since it wasn't budging once it was in there!

I filled the mason jar with my lemon Trader Joe's soap from Beatrice of Sew Bea!
(thank you, thank you!)
The pump top for the jar is from this bottle.
The original soap container was recycled!

I can refill it any time!
And this particular jar, since it was my trial run, will be put in the kid's bathroom.
I'll use a smaller Mason jar to make one that will fit easily behind my kitchen sink.

I thinned the soap out to make it easier for small hands to scrub up!
And here it is!

Please pardon the lighting on the photos- my husband was packing for a business trip, I was feeling crafty, and it was about midnight!

Thanks again to Tiffany of Easie Peasie for the great idea!
Thanks to Beatrice of Sew Bea for the fantastic giveaway that provided the soap!
Thanks to my sweet friends who pass on their canning jars!


Anna said...

Mmmmm I love mason jars as well. I actually made soap and lotion dispensers just like these. They're so much cuter and, of course, cooler than dull, normal soap dispensers :o)

Dusti said...

Anna, do you have pictures?! I'd love to see!

I was thinking my next step would be embellishing them, but I'm not sure what would hold up to being on a soap dispenser other than paint.

Tiffany said...

Dusti!!! It turned out so CUUUUUUTE!!!!! I love that you LOVE Mason jars toooooo! I just love my soap dispensers...they make me smile everytime I'm in the kitchen! LOVE THEM!!! Thank you SO MUCH for the shout out!!!! Have a SUPER day!!!!!
♥Tiffany @ Easie Peasie