Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Tim, guess what your son did!"

Because, yes, during this little incident, he was his father's child.

I got some free Greek yogurts from Harris Teeter today with their triple coupon event!
Yeah, I just made some! I know!
But it was free and we run through it like mad!

And you now see why!

And I'm sure he thinks it was perfectly okay to do, since I was cracking up and grabbing my camera.

Then I went and grabbed a spoon so he could finish off what was left in the bowl!

I told Keelin to find Jackson since it was getting too quiet for me, so she did. She said she followed the slurping sound. That is NEVER a good sign ;) haha


Anna said...

hahahahaha! So cute :o)

Laurie said...

Oh my! This reminds me of when our eldest was having a time out in his room and decided it would be a good idea to paint the window with Desitin.

Dusti said...

Anna, he is darn lucky he's cute! ;)

Laurie, I am positive your mess was harder to clean up than mine was! Desitin and windows... yikes! Glad to know I'm not the only one with a sneaky munchkin! :)